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March 14, 2018
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May 9, 2013
That is the way I feel about the CEIF staff – serving faithfully, doing an excellent job and one important note “taking good care” of all investors' money. - Connie Salios
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April 8, 2013
"In 1988-1989, with the help of a loan from CEIF, First Baptist Church of Arnprior, ON was able to enlarge and renovate its sanctuary. We are still enjoying that sanctuary in March 2013. Thank you CEIF." - Eva Weisser
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March 21, 2013
I so enjoy telling people that I've invested in something worthwhile. The man who prepared my taxes last year asked me a lot of questions and was quite impressed with the work you do. I am blessed to know that not only are my investments good for me, but I am contributing to the heavenly Kingdom. May God's blessings rest on you all. - Gladys Feaver
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February 7, 2013
Bethel Baptist in High Prairie, Alberta has had investments and a loan with CEIF. When we were struggling to make ends meet, the staff at CEIF were there for us. They are always willing to suggest ideas and give guidance. We are very happy to be a part. - Gail Collett
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June 8, 2012
Our church has invested our building and endowment funds with CEIF for a number of years. The administrative support has been extremely helpful and responsive. We receive timely reports and complete and clear action and documentation as we have made changes in our investment mix over the years.

You guys are the best!

David D.
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May 23, 2012
Dear CEIF,

I connect with CEIF wearing several different hats. As Treasurer for the Upper Mississippi Region, CEIF is where we invest our reserve funds in several Certificates of Deposit and a Foundation Account with frequent electronic transfers to the North American Baptist Conference’s International Office, as well as between the UMR and other organizations served by CEIF; as a recent Trustee at Apple Valley Baptist Church in Apple Valley MN, CEIF is where we place and keep our building funds that we hope someday to use to build a new sanctuary that I am confident CEIF will help us finance; as President of Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, IA, we use CEIF to invest funds that have been given for camper scholarships and also to keep funds during building projects, the most recent one being a new Dining Hall that God has blessed us with; as the Moderator of the MN Association, we keep some of our funds in CEIF Certificate of Deposits with rotating maturation dates to maximize the interest we earn and to make the funds regularly available as we have CDs maturing at least once every year; and as a personal investor, my wife Dawn and I use a CEIF Foundation Account to invest our emergency funds, and in the past we used CEIF CDs to save for our children’s college educations. In addition, CEIF has partnered with a couple of the organizations I serve to make loans available to finance their worship centers and other facilities. In every area of my interactions with CEIF over the past couple of decades, they are so willing to quickly serve making transfers of funds and giving advice and status of investments. All of the staff are so friendly, and they even remember my birthday, just like family. I am so blessed to be associated with CEIF! I also enjoy the electronic transfers, the modern secure, web site, the newsletters and well thought out devotions, reflections, recipes, and the wonderful way they help connect us investors t the needs of God’s people across our conference and beyond. And, CEIF is very generous to all of our Pastors and Churches. It is truly a pleasure to have CEIF available to meet all of these needs.

Thanks you for all you do for God’s Kingdom right here within our NAB lives,

Daryle Hamlin
Apple Valley, MN
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February 21, 2012
“You are blessed by the Lord. Psalm 115:15 Please thank the CEIF staff for the cards and prayers they all sent to me. I am so blessed by your friendship and fellowship in the Lord."
In Christ, Larry B.
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February 14, 2012
What I like about it (my investment with CEIF) is it's working for the Lord. And that's what counts. We've been investing with CEIF a long time. - Anonymous
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February 14, 2012
Les and Bob have been really good friends, and I really appreciate them...I appreciate you(your ministry); that's all I can say. I thank God for you. - Dale C.
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