Church Investors Fund

Who We Are

Church Investors Fund is a not-for-profit financial institution, an affiliated organization of the North American Baptist Conference. (Click here to view our 40th anniversary timeline.)

Our mission is to assist local churches within the United States and Canada with facilities development - helping them respond to God's call to make disciples.

Our primary purpose is to help spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by providing financing for the acquisition, construction and remodeling of churches, parsonages and other projects for NAB churches and organizations to enable them to expand their ministries. These funds are made available by offering competitive investment opportunities for the constituency of the North American Baptist Conference and those associated with an NAB organization.

"Investing according to your values doesn't mean suspending your common sense."
It is wise to investigate the financial condition and operations of any organization before you invest in it. Efficient and honest management is a top commitment for our fund. We keep overhead low so we can pass interest benefits to our investors and churches.

Our offering must meet specific registration requirements or be exempt from registration before we can offer investments in most states and provinces. Since our beginning in 1973, Church Investors Fund has never lost money on our loan portfolio or defaulted on a payment. Read our Annual Report/Offering Circular (US) or Annual Report/Subscription Agreement (Canada) to learn more about our operations in detail. We are not insured by the FDIC or SIPC (US) or the CDIC (Canada).

"Do your investments reflect your values?"
There are many places to invest your money - but what are you really investing in? Is it something you can believe in? When you invest with Church Investors Fund your money is on loan to build churches. It provides sanctuaries for growing congregations, classrooms for children and adults alike to learn about Christ and gymnasiums for outreach. It spurs effective ministry and growth by providing the facilities churches need. For some churches, financing through Church Investors Fund is their only option.

With your help, individuals, churches and entire communities are changed.

"Church Investors Fund's lending process is an example of careful and compassionate management."
When a church needs to expand, it can count on us as a partner in ministry. We lend funds only to North American Baptist (NAB) and like minded churches and ministries, and only to those that meet our lending requirements.

We also helps churches plan and evaluate projects. By working with the church's Association, Regional Minister and the NAB conference office supporting church health, we create a support team that nurtures a church through the entire expansion process.

"Church Investors Fund sees our customers as partners in ministry."
Investors, borrowing churches, and Church Investors Fund - We all work together toward one common goal: Helping spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We see our customers as partners in ministry. You are important to us as people and we hope our services and interactions with you demonstrate that.

Investing in Church Investors Fund is investing in something you can believe in.
Church Extension Investors Fund, Inc, d/b/a Church Investors Fund
Church Investors Fund (CIF)

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